Concealed carry reciprocity refers to the agreements created by and among the states with reference to which other state's CCW permits will be honored.  These agreements form a convoluted maze that requires careful study.   

There are a few websites that offer reciprocity information. One of our favorites is:


Keep in mind that this is a website, not a legal document.  There are many variances in state laws, and they change regularly.  It is your responsibility to verify the information offered here. To be 100 percent confident, you should verify this information before you travel. You can click on each state to read their own statutes for yourself.

Be especially careful when viewing online reciprocity maps such as these, as some may not be up-to-date. Also, be aware that some states only recognize permits issued from your home state. This little kink trips people up quite often, and leads to erroneous assumptions.

This site is intended to provide you with a base of information and should not be considered legal advice.  By using the information we have provided herein, you agree to hold harmless and without liability, A+ Firearms Training, or any of its employees.



  1. Alabama

  2. Alaska  - no permits required for anyone

  3. Arizona - no permits required for residents

  4. Arkansas - no permits required for residents

  5. California

  6. Colorado

  7. Connecticut

  8. Delaware

  9. Florida

  10. Georgia

  11. Hawaii

  12. Idaho

  13. Illinois

  14. Indiana

  15. Iowa

  16. Kansas

  17. Kentucky

  18. Louisiana

  19. Maine

  20. Maryland

  21. Massachusetts

  22. Michigan

  23. Minnesota

  24. Mississippi

  25. Missouri

  26. Montana

  27. Nebraska

  28. Nevada

  29. New Hampshire

  30. New Jersey

  31. New Mexico

  32. New York

  33. North Carolina

  34. North Dakota

  35. Ohio

  36. Oklahoma

  37. Oregon

  38. Pennsylvania

  39. Rhode Island

  40. South Carolina

  41. South Dakota

  42. Tennessee

  43. Texas

  44. Utah

  45. Vermont - no permit required for anyone

  46. Virginia

  47. Washington

  48. West Virginia

  49. Wisconsin

  50. Wyoming - no permits required for residents


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